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Direct Financial Management for the Vulnerable

The Issue

For some, homelessness happens for no other reason than mismanaging money. Usually, dementia or some form of diminishment is at play. For these people, we will work directly with the Social Security Administration to manage their money, pay their bills, and ensure their quality of life. Most importantly, these people do not end up on the streets.


Social Security Funds Managed


Our team of staff and volunteers work directly with the Social Security Administration and partner banks to receive and account for every dollar of retirement or disability income.

Checks Written Annually


We write checks every month to landlords, utility companies, grocers, etc. We make sure that a managed account never runs out of funds for necessities.

Only Enough To Cover Costs


The Social Security Administration mandates that managed accounts be charged $43/month to cover costs. So, that's what we take. Not a penny more.

The Result


This is the result of our hard work. Every check written, every phone call taken, every piece of loving advice given amounts to this. People living in their homes, not on the streets.

Do you need a account manager (representative payee)? Give us a call!

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