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Many of our neighbors are struggling to pay their rent every month. When a debt occurs, a landlord can legally evict their tenant in a matter of days. Sudden eviction is a significant cause of stress on parents, children, and communities. Through our rental assistance program, we can offer financial aid to those facing eviction. We also work directly with their landlord to ensure they remain in their home. At the same time, local Catholic volunteers visit the home to assist with the aid process and to offer spiritual support and guidance.


Often, money for utilities is the first to be used to cover an unexpected expense among the poor. They know that they have several weeks or months before the utility company will shut off service. However, once this hole has been dug, it is hard to climb out of. No family should live without heat, electricity, or water. No child should go to school with dirty clothes because there is no water for washing. For those with shut off notices, we offer financial assistance given directly to utility providers to ensure their utilities stay on.

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There are few things more damaging to a family than eviction. Helping individuals and families stay in their homes through rent and utility assistance keeps them from hitting the streets, causing disruption in employment, childhood education, and health outcomes.


Our charity office is able to write checks directly to landlords to keep households from being evicted. The best way to fight homelessness is to prevent it.


Our charity office is able to keep utilities running by working directly with service providers. A service disconnect can be devastating for an individual or family.

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